EGO Paris is offering aluminium lacquering for all the RAL* range of colours!
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EGO Paris is offering aluminium lacquering for all the RAL* range of colours!

Over and above the extra-wide range of finishes proposed by EGO Paris for its 4 collections, you can now lacquer EGO Paris furniture with the RAL reference of your choice!!!

This option, unique on the outdoor furniture market can be applied, irrespective of the number of elements ordered and for a net all-in price of 250 €. An ideal solution for complying with a hotel customer's chart or for satisfying a really personal desire.

*A RAL colour chart is made up of colours essentially used for industrial purposes, following a coding system set up by the German Institute for Quality Assurance and Marking in 1927 ("Reichsausschuß für Lieferbedingungen" or RAL).
In a RAL colour chart each colour is identified by a single code number. In competition with the Pantone system, today the RAL colour chart possesses 1687 different hues and is essentially used for paint colours.
The RAL colour chart is used in industry as a reference for paint colours. By means of its coding system, colours can be identified both rapidly and accurately.

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