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  • Meshes (Premier/Tandem Collections

    Made from UV resistant 100% polyester thread (or hemp/PVC blend) coated and bulk dyed, rot proof with a high level of shape and colour retention. Care :  Brush lightly if necessary. Wipe clean with sponge and soapy water.

    Batyline mesh
    Made in France, the lacquers used for EGO Paris furniture comes in the form of polyester heat hardened powder. It has excellent mechanical performance and is UV and weather resistant.
    Care :  clean with either a cloth and soapy water or products that remove stains without marking the surface. Next wipe down with a soft and absorbent cloth. Avoid the use of abrasive materials.

    Lacquered aluminium
  • Teak has the reputation of being rot-proof, but changes colour with time.
    Care : To retain the natural oiled colour, treat twice a year with a teak oil. Make sure the surface is free of grease before application.

    Corian® resists the daily assaults of rain, U.V, stains, etc.
    Corian®'s natural traits guarantee easy upkeep, ensuring a gleaming surface throughout its lifespan.
    Care :  clean with ordinary detergent, and a non-abrasive sponge. For scratches or cuts, use a buffing pad or fine sandpaper.

    Sunbrella® fabrics are made from 100% bulk-dyed acrylic. This gives them excellent UV and weather resistance.       
    The fabric is treated with an anti-staining agent and includes a treatment preventing the build up of fungicide.
    While the cushions are water-resistant, we recommend avoiding regular exposure to extreme conditions, to extend their lifespan.
    Care :  simply brush clean, or machine wash at 30° C, if necessary.

    Sunbrella fabrics
  • We use the best quality vinyl covering available. While the cushions are weatherproof, we recommend avoiding regular exposure to extreme conditions, to extend their lifespan. The vinyl is 90% PVC-coated, with the exclusive "nanoprofile" surface for easy cleaning and soft to the touch, staying cool in sunlight.
    Care :  wipe down with a non-abrasive sponge and soapy water.


    Made in France, the glass used for the tabletops is 6mm "safety" glass.
    You have the choice between a sanded or lacquered finish.
    Care :  clean the topside of the tabletop only, using a soft cloth with a proprietary window cleaning spray.

    Joined glass

    Kerlite® ceramic is resistant to solvents disinfectant and cleaning agents. The surface  is easy to clean fireproof and resistant to high temperatures as well as to deep abrasion.
    Kerlite® is also resistant to U.V radiation and suitable for any climate and all weather conditions. Kerlite® is a completely natural product.
    Care :  wash with clean water.